Zeta One (1969) | Getting under the covers of the 1960s British sci-fi bedroom romp from the fifth dimension

Zeta One DVD

A race of superwomen from the planet Angvia (now there’s a conundrum for you) are kidnapping British girls (mainly strippers) via an inter-dimensional portal and recruiting them to their colony headed by the warrior-like Zeta (Dawn Addams). With his eye on their scientific advances as well as their near-naked flesh, the evil Major Bourdon (James Robertson Justice) tasks his henchman Swyne (Charles Hawtrey) in securing the services of an erotic dancer Edwina Strain (Wendy Lingham) to infiltrate the Angvians. But when Edwina is seduced by Zeta’s world of women, Edwina leads Bourdon and his men into a trap…

Zeta One

Adapted from a comic strip in a short-lived magazine, Zeta One is a slice of soft-core sci-fi pornography masquerading as a James Bond spoof. Whilst the premise sounds arousing, the film is little more than a series of disjointed scenes featuring scantily clad women while the film’s two leads, Robin Hawdon (looking more like Ian Ogilvy than Sean Connery as secret agent James Word) and Lust for a Vampire‘s Yutte Stensgaard, play strip poker as James recounts his latest mission.

James Robertson Justice and Charles Hawtrey in Zeta One

What comedy stalwarts James Robertson Justice and Charles Hawtrey are doing here is anyone’s guess – this is no Modesty Blaise, boys. Meanwhile, Dawn Addams (later of Star Maidens fame) does the best she can as the Amazonian-like Zeta, who could quite easily be related to Shirley Eaton’s Sumuru in The Girl from Rio, a similar exploitation sci-fi that also came out in 1969 (check out my review here). Despite the kitsch décor, psychedelic sets or catchy Johnny Hawksworth-penned theme tune, this is one bedroom romp from the fifth dimension that misfires on all counts.

A maybe miss unless you can’t resist.

Zeta One has been remastered on DVD from Odeon Entertainment, as part of their Best of British collection.



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  1. Just stumbled across this post whilst idly googling. Any idea which mag the comic strip version of Zeta One featured in? I have seen a ref to Playboy online somewhere but all leads go cold…

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