Black Rock (2012) | A girlie getaway turns into a most dangerous game in the heart-racing survival horror

Black Rock

In a bid to bring her estranged friends Lou (Lake Bell) and Sarah (Kate Bosworth) back to together, Abby (Katie Aselton) plans a weekend getaway on an uninhabited island. But the girl’s trip turns into a fight for survival when they accidentally kill a young war veteran out hunting with his two buddies…

Black Rock

Katie Aselton, who plays Abby, also directs this heart-racing thriller, which has a topical premise (the vets stalking the girls on a remote island is scarily reminiscent of the 2011 tragedy in Norway in which Anders Breivik went on a shooting spree), well-developed characters (all played pitch perfect by Asleton, Bell and Bosworth), and some nicely-paced action (all from the women’s perspective). The tension, meanwhile, is at its height when the trio must decide the best course of action – all in whispers – after escaping their captors. But how can three frightened women beat two highly armed soldiers who were trained to kill? Well, you will just have to watch it to find out…

A must see.

Available on DVD from Metrodome


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