Dracula, The Dark Prince (2013) | Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale gets a tepid romantic makeover

Dracula, The Dark Prince

When his beloved wife is murdered, Dracula, Prince of Wallachia, turns to the dark side. In his search for the Lightbringer, a holy weapon that will give him domination over life and death, Dracula (Luke Roberts) encounters Alina (Kelly Wenham), a crusader who resembles his dead bride. As the lovelorn vampire tries to convince her she belongs to him, vampire hunter Van Helsing (Jon Voight) recruits a cocky thief (Ben Robson), Alina’s feisty sister (Holly Earl) and a demon slayer (Richard Ashton) to rescue Alina before she gives herself over to the dark side.

Dracula, The Dark Prince

If you come expecting a full-on vampire horror-fest, then you’ll be disappointed by this tepid fantasy action that’s more Beauty and the Beast than Bram Stoker. And when it comes to scares, the most frightening thing on display here is Jon Voight’s dodgy rubber nose and terrible accent (which sounds like a bad Mel Brooks impression).

Jon Voight in Dracula, The Dark Prince

Saying that, Dracula, The Dark Prince does throw some novel curveballs at classic vampire lore: namely the introduction of the Lightbringer, a magical scythe that Cain used to slay his brother Abel, and having Dracula feel pain when his minions are cut down to size.

Dracula, The Dark Prince

But it’s nothing like the classic home counties horrors of Hammer old, and plays more like an episode of the BBC’s Merlin with the boob factor cranked up. Think of it as a cut price Games of Thrones in which the sword fights on show merely help fill out the running time as Dracula, sporting a David Lee Roth golden mane, woos his Beauty to the sounds of a tinkling piano.

‘Best’ lines: ‘Maybe the smell will keep the vampires away’ and ‘The dead don’t need any light‘.

Dracula, The Dark Prince is out on DVD in the UK through Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment


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