Black Water Vampire (2014) | It’s The Blair Witch Project meets Rosemary’s Baby in the snow

Black Water VampireFor the past nine years, Raymond Banks (Bill Oberst Jr) has been locked up in a penitentiary accused of murdering four women in the town of Fawksin, all on the night of the summer solstice, over 10 year periods.Young reporter Andrea (Andrea Monier), who has always regarded Banks as the bogeyman of her childhood but believes a vampire she saw in her dreams, is the real culprit, heads down ‘Bloodsucker Highway’ with her film crew to find out the truth.

After interviewing the weird locals and less-than-helpful authorities, Andrea, Danielle (Danielle Lozeau) and Anthony (Anthony Fanelli) take a three-day hike to the latest murder scene and and the site of Bank’s old cabin. But after loosing their way and falling out with each other, the trio discover – to their horror – that the Black Water Vampire really does exist, and that the Nosferatu creature has bigger plans for the virginal Andrea than draining her dry…

Black Water Vampire

OK! So this is yet another low budget found footage horror, and one which lets itself down by winding everything up (without explanation) in the final shot, but watching this on the big screen with a horror-loving audience made it a hell of a lot more fun. There’s bits of Silence of the Lambs in there, as well as Blair Witch, Troll Hunter (a great found footage horror worth checking out) and Rosemary’s Baby (in the final shot), but there’s also a subtle feminist statement running through the proceedings that makes it kind of fun. Think Girls, but on a really frightful hair day.

Black Water Vampire

When it comes to scares, they all happen when the night vision kicks, which is also when the Black Water Vampire makes its appearance. For me, however, the film’s most frightening character is the poncho-wearing 75-year-old cabin lady. She’s a right scream. The film’s best line goes to the annoying Anthony: ‘That thing wasn’t a bloody bunny rabbit’. Yep, Black Water Vampire really is best seen with a bunch of buddies and few beers…

Black Water Vampire is out on DVD in the UK from Monday 24 March 2014 from Image Entertainment.


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