Foxy Brown (1974) | Pam Grier is bad ass brilliant in cult director Jack Hill’s blaxploitation classic

Fox Brown from Arrow Video

After her narcotics cop boyfriend is murdered; Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) infiltrates a prostitution and drugs ring tled by a kinky white couple. But when her cover is blown, she is kidnapped, drugged and raped by two redneck henchmen. Escaping their clutches, Foxy swears there’s gonna be hell to pay by calling on the assistance of her Black Power brothers to take the villains down…

Fox Brown from Arrow Video

If you ever wanted to know where Quentin Tarantino got his mojo from, then you must check out this 1974 crime thriller from cult director Jack Hill. The formidable Pam Grier shows why she became the pin-up queen of the blaxploitation era in this ‘sequel’ to Hill’s 1973 hit Coffy and why Tarantino chose to pay homage to Grier’s iconic status in 1997’s Jackie Brown. Grier’s sexy streetwise character is a ‘whole lot of woman’ that became a symbol of female empowerment in the 1970s, while Hill’s film – which puts a Black Pride spin on classic thriller’s like Jules Dassin’s Rififi – set the bar for the genre. And you better have some sunglasses on hand, the wildly colourful threads worn by the cast might damage your eyes.

Fox Brown from Arrow Video

The Arrow Video release, one of three that lovingly restore director Jack Hill’s greatest cult classics, features a restored high-definition transfer and a stack of special features and bonus material including an audio commentary with director Jack Hill, three new featurettes (featuring actor Sid Haig, stuntman Bob Minor and blaxploitation legend Fred Williamson), behind-the-scenes photos and publicity images, theatrical trailer and collector’s booklet. The only thing missing to make this the ultimate release however is Willie Hutch’s funky soundtrack and an interview with Grier.



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