Grindhouse Trailer Classics 4 | 55 of the most insane, sleazy and grimy movie previews to rattle your skull!

Grindhouse Trailer Classics 4

Coming 16 June, UK’s Nucleus Films continues their trawl through the flea-pit movie houses of yesteryear to bring you the most sick, depraved and hysterically brilliant movie previews from the golden age of Grindhouse cinema.

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Sourced from ultra-rare 35mm prints, the eye-popping collection embraces kung-fu kicks, satanism, psychos, groovy chicks, cavorting college co-eds, super dudes, bikers from hell, disasters, euro thrillers, swinging couples, killer cats and a glimpse into the end of the world.

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1: Little Cigars (Chris Christenberry, 1973)
2: Women for Sale (Ernst Hofbauer, 1969)
3. Curtains (Richard Ciupka, 1983)
4. Dirty O’Neil: The Love Life of a Cop (Leon Capetanos & Lewis Teague, 1974)
5. Willie Dynamite (Gilbert Moses, 1974)
6. Deathmaster, The (Ray Danton, 1973)
7. Mama’s Dirty Girls (John Hayes, 1974)
8. Hammer of God (Wang You, 1970)
9. Swingin’ Models (Ralf Gregan as Ilja Von Anutroff, 1972)
10. Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (Alberto De Martino, 1976)
11. RoomMates, The (Arthur Marks, 1973)
12. Too Hot to Handle (Don Schain, 1976)
13. Hitchhikers, The (Ferd & Beverly Sebastian, 1971)
14. Fly Me (Cirio Santiago, 1973)
15. Blood of Dracula’s Castle (Al Adamson, 1969)
16. Erika’s Hot Summer (Gary Graver, 1970)
17. Catastrophe (Larry Savadove, 1978)
18. Devil’s Wedding Night (Luigi Batzella as Paolo Solvay, 1973)
19. Crazy Joe (Carlo Lizzani, 1974)
20. Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror (Enrique López Eguiluz, 1968)
21. Born to Kill (aka Cockfighter) (Monte Hellman, 1974)
22. Las Vegas Lady (Noel Nosseck, 1974)
23. Poor Albert & Little Annie (Paul Leder, 1972)
24. Late Great Planet Earth (Robert Amram, 1979)
25. All the Loving Couples (Mack Bing, 1969)
26. Sinful Dwarf (Vidal Raski, 1973)
27. Mark of the Devil Part 2 (Adrian Hoven, 1972)
28. Dogs (Adrian Hoven, 1976)
29. Night of a Thousand Cats (René Cardona Jr., 1972)
30. Cheering Section (Harry Kerwin, 1977)
31. Hells Chosen Few (David L. Hewitt, 1967)
32. Mansion of the Doomed (Michael Pataki, 1975)
33. Pyx, The (Harvey Hart, 1973)
34. Sweet Body of Deborah, The (Romolo Girolami, 1967)
35. Trouble Man (Ivan Dixon, 1972)
36. Sacred Knives of Vengeance (Yuen Chor, 1972)
37. Sister-In-law, The (Joseph Ruben, 1974)
38. Smash-Up Alley 43 The Story of the Petty Family (Edward J. Lakso, 1972)
39. Black Veil for Lisa, A (Massimo Dallamano, 1968)
40. Five Man Army, The (Don Taylor, 1969)
41. Nightmare Honeymoon (Elliot Silverstein, 1973)
42. Severed Arm, The (Thomas S. Alderman, 1973)
43. Sweet Jesus, Preacherman (Henning Schellerup, 1973)
44. Terror in the Wax Museum (Georg Fenady, 1973)
45. Bamboo Gods and Iron Men (Cesar Gallardo, 1974)
46. Hit Man, The (George Armitage, 1972)
47. Daring Dobermans, The (Byron Chudnow, 1973)
48. Hot Box, The (Joe Viola, 1972)
49. Inside Amy (Ronald Víctor García, 1975)
50. Lady Kung Fu (Huang Feng, 1972)
51. Dirty Dan’s Women (Joy N. Houck Jr., 1972)
52. They’re Coming to Get You (Sergio Martino, 1972)
53. Delinquent Schoolgirls (Gregory Corarito, 1194)
54. Incoming Freshmen (Eric Lewald & Glenn Morgan, 1979)
55. Man with Bogart’s Face, The (Robert Day, 1980)

GRINDHOUSE TRAILER CLASSICS 4 is produced by Marc Morris & Jake West, Nucleus Films. RRP: £8.99 Cert: 18 Running Time: 111 mins

COMING SOON! Video Nasties: A Definitive Guide Part 2, which contains director Jack West’s new documentary Video Nasties: Draconian Days, will be released in July 2014


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