Ice Soldiers (2013) | Dominic Purcell’s got revenge on his mind in the Canadian sci-fi action thriller that’s a right stiff

Ice Soldiers

Using an illegal oil exploration operation in the Canadian Arctic as cover, driven scientist Dr Andrew Malraux (Dominic Purcell ), with the help of Colonel Trump (Michael Ironside), recovers the bodies of three genetically engineered German secret service agents who vanished in 1962 after killing everyone at the Northgate army base.

Ice Soldiers (2013)

Seeing dollars signs, oil executive Jane Frazer (Camille Sullivan) wants to exploit their potential, but once reactivated, the super soldiers destroy the camp and make their escape. With the help of a Cree trapper (Adam Beach), Malraux is even more determined to hunt them down – for he wants to finally face the man who raped his mother 50 years beforehand…

Ice Soldiers (2013)

The Universal Soldier franchise, which this film borrows heavily from (Malraux instead of Deveraux is a case in point), needn’t worry about being ursurped, for this snowbound Canadian-made sci-fi, from Beowulf and Grendal director, Sturla Gunnarsson, is a right stiff, and looks more like a drama pilot than a bona fide feature.

It’s a no brainer from the outset that Malraux is the offspring of the one of the Ayran killing machines. Like them, he’s got super strength and can withstand the cold. He even speaks with a robotic monotone – although the blonde crew cut trio are practically mute throughout the film. All they do once thawed out is go looking for sex (they check out a strip club) and blow things up (cue the odd explosion or two).

Ice Soldiers (2013)

After lots of talky bits and some running about on snowmobiles, Malraux finally gets his man – who turns out to be his dad (Gabriel Hogan), which neatly sets the scene for a new action drama starring the porky Purcell (he’s certainly filled out since his Prison Break days). More revenge thriller than action sci-fi, and with a music score that’s way better than it ought to be, Ice Soldiers is a snow ride that begs you to leave any high expectations at the door. This so goes onto my Maybe Miss list.

Ice Soldiers is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and digital (you can also rent it on YouTube) from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment



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