Hunting the Legend (2014) | A wet dog smells better than this found footage travesty

Hunting the Legend dvd coverVENGEANCE IS MINE
In 2008, a deer hunter was mysteriously slaughtered by something in the Alabama woods. Only his rifle, blood and a 16-inch footprint were left behind. Five years later, his son Chris (Christopher Copeland) sets off into the Alabama woods to prove the existence of a murderous creature that locals call Bigfoot.

Everyone has a tale to tell but what Chris and his companions Hannah and Jeff are about to discover is that even if the stories aren’t true, there’s something out there; something merciless, something hungry, and something that kills. As they become lost in the dense and desolate woods, they smell blood, sense fear and soon discover to their peril that the difference between the hunter and the hunted can be as thin as a strip of flesh…

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Yes, it’s another found footage indie horror – and probably the worst of its kind. The filmmakers have obviously seen The Blair Witch Project, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and thought; ‘We can do that.’ So cue lots of green night vision and heavily edited footage.

If the film had of been made as a spoof of the genre, it could have been a wholly different experience as it has lots of comic potential. The scene in which Chris dons a hat cam got the audience I was with laughing, as did the sequence in which he secures some guns and rents a dog from a survivalist who keeps his arsenal in an underground bunker. Meanwhile, the interviewees telling their Bigfoot stories are a right chuckle, especially Chip and Connie.

But it’s so badly plotted and the editing of the editing is truly diabolical (why do we pause as the dog shits but cut between people’s dialogue?). The head cam scenes also don’t work, and come off as just plain silly – like the crochet tea cosy hat that Hannah wears. It’s also cheap looking due to the bleached out video that it’s filmed on.

And as for the actors, well the dog is actually better than any of the human actors, especially the guy playing Chris, who looks like Robert Pattinson, but unfortunately his acting range isn’t as wide as the eyebrows he sports. And as for Bigfoot… well there isn’t one.

A wet dog smells better than this found footage nonsense. And I thought 1972’s The Legend of Boggy Creek (you can watch it here) was the worst Bigfoot movie ever.

Favourite line: ‘Stop shooting me’

Hunting the Legend is out on DVD from Image Entertainment in the UK




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