Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari (1920) | The German expressionist masterpiece is back in UK cinemas in a mesmerising 4K restoration

Now newly restored, director Robert Wiene’s classic of German expressionism is far more than a landmark of film history; to this day it remains unsettling, thought-provoking and very impressive. About – or is it? – a sinister hypnotist who sends out a somnambulist to commit a series of murders, the film is remarkable for its disturbingly unresolved ambiguities, for its highly stylised performances (Conrad Veidt’s playing of the somnambulist is especially astonishing) and for the brazenly artificial, dreamlike distortions of its painted sets. As such, it’s one of the best known and most successful experimental films ever made; its abiding power lies in its effectiveness in establishing and sustaining a mood of inescapable nightmare. This new digital restoration features a new score in the style of Giuseppe Becce, composer of the music for the film’s original release.

• A dual format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition of the film will follow on 29 September 2014 from Eureka Entertainment as part of their award-winning The Masters of Cinema Series.

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Cinema Screenings (Click on the links for details)
From 29 August
London – BFI Southbank (14 days) http://bit.ly/1kZB5Vo
London – Curzon Victoria (7 days) http://bit.ly/1wuEqkL
Dublin – Irish Film Institute (7 days) http://bit.ly/1oYg0P8
Edinburgh – Filmhouse (4 days) http://bit.ly/1oYg7tX
Glasgow – GFT (3 days) http://bit.ly/1jPpJbF
Cardiff – Chapter (2 days) http://bit.ly/1wuFqoN
Bristol – Watershed (7 days) http://bit.ly/1t3dl81
Nottingham – Broadway (7 days) http://bit.ly/1oYgipa
Chichester – Chichester Cinema at New Park (1 day) http://bit.ly/1tR5MoV

From 30 August
London – The Barbican (2 days) http://bit.ly/1oaaI4m

 From 31 August
Cork – Triskel Arts Centre (4 days) http://bit.ly/1rqOBGv

 7 September
London – Everyman Hampstead http://bit.ly/1qWnkyQ
London – Everyman Screen on the Green http://bit.ly/1mlpP6b

10 September
Brighton – The Emporium (Bijou Electric Empire Forever) http://on.fb.me/1r3Y1se

14 September
Clevedon – Curzon Community Cinema  http://bit.ly/WhlZp5

19 September
Aberystwyth – Arts Centre http://bit.ly/1nrquCR
Nottingham – Broadway (Kino Klubb) http://bit.ly/1t3eL2m

20 September
Bo’ness – Hippodrome http://bit.ly/1oHRTkM

21 September
Lancaster – The Dukes http://bit.ly/1l3fV8C
London – Rio Cinema http://bit.ly/1se7aNJ

27 September
Eastbourne – Redoubt Fortress (Filmspot) http://bit.ly/1zIEtxG

15 October
London – Prince Charles Cinema http://bit.ly/1oBqepz

24 October
Belfast – QFT http://bit.ly/1oYhhWm

26 October
Vintage Sunday Screenings across The Picturehouse Chain  http://bit.ly/Whmm2P

28 October
Maidenhead –  Norden Farm Centre for the Arts http://bit.ly/1so1pQE

2 November
Ilkley – The Ilkley Film Festival http://bit.ly/1oYhuZL



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