Space 1999: The Bringers of Wonder | Holy nuclear meltdown! Alpha’s under attack from giant blob monsters – in HD!

Space 1999: Bringers of Wonder

From Network in the UK comes the new restored Blu-ray of the Space 1999 two-parter, The Bringers of Wonder, plus the Destination Moonbase Alpha movie (unrestored) in a Special Edition release limited to just 1999 copies.

Space 1999 | The Bringers of WonderOriginally screened in the UK in August 1977, The Bringers of Wonder is one of the most memorable adventures in Gerry Anderson‘s much-loved British sci-fi, mainly for the seven-foot jellied creatures seeking a rejuvenating blast from Alpha’s nuclear waste domes. Pulsating with light and blood, these icky one-eyed sentient amoebas looked fantastically ridiculous, like the lumbering offspring of The Green Slime and Sigmund & the Sea Monsters – both big faves of mine.

Space 1999 | The Bringers of Wonder


I remember these cool monsters very well and they were the best thing in this slightly ridiculous, but wholly enjoyable, story in which the aliens use telepathy to dupe the Alphans into believing they are friends and relatives from Earth on a rescue mission. Only Commander Koenig (Martin Landau), who has undergone experimental surgery for a neurological trauma, sees through their disguise, until he finally convinces Helena (Barbara Bain) and Maya (Catherine Schell) that he hasn’t gone mad…

Space 1999 | The Bringers of Wonder


Written by Terence Feely (who went on to create ITV’s The Gentle Touch in 1980) and directed by Tom Clegg (The Sweeney), this episode was the only two-parter in the series and served as the basis for the 1978 big-screen feature Destination: Moonbase Alpha, one of four films assembled from episodes of the series, which is included in an unrestored version in this release (along with the trailer, also unrestored). The adventure was also novelised in the fourth Year Two Space: 1999 novel The Psychomorph by Michael Butterworth published in 1977.

Besides the monsters, the other highlight was seeing Maya metamorphing into a beetle, a kendo fighter (played by sensei Okimitsu Fujii), a green lizard and a blue creature, and also one of the blobbies. And for fans, the introduction of a new spacecraft, the Superswift.

Space 1999 | The Bringers of Wonder

Network has again done a brilliant job on this restored Blu-ray (especially when you compare it with the unrestored movie compilation). The futuristic sets and costumes really zing, while the HD shows up every pore on the actors’ skin, and the SFX sequences look astonishing. Roll on 2015, when the Series Two Blu-ray gets a release.

‘It’s better to live as your own man than as a fool in somebody else’s dream’

Space 1999: The Bringers of Wonder is released on Blu-ray on 8 December (but available as a pre-buy now) from Network Distributing


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