Wolves (2015) | It’s Teen Wolf meets Twilight and The Lost Boys in Grimm-land

Wolves (2014)

Unleash The Beast
When high-school quarterback Cayden (Lucas Till) suspects he has brutally murdered his parents, he goes on the run and arrives in the small town of Lupine Ridge, where he uncovers his hairy heritage. The town is home to feuding clans of werewolves, and when Cayden falls for local bar owner Angel (Merritt Patterson), he angers mountain clan alpha and pureblood lycan Connor (Jason Momoa), who has laid claim on the were-babe to sire him a son. Let the territorial games begin…

Wolves (2014)

Hairy Times in Lupine Ridge
With the 1980s horror classic The Lost Boys as his template, X-Men screenwriter turned first-time director David Hayter has whipped up a fantasy adventure that weaves a coming-of-age story featuring Teen Wolf-styled testosterone-fuelled fight scenes (like those in the Tyler Posey TV reboot) with a Twilight-styled teen romance. Set in a universe not unlike TV’s Grimm, where supernatural beings live amongst human kind, Hayter’s creature feature could actually serve as a pilot for a new fantasy drama (especially given what happens in the final scene).

Wolves (2014)

But the frights and fights are aplenty as Cayden, played by X-Men actor Lucas Till (who looks like Matt Smith’s brooding brother), comes to terms with his tooth and claw legacy and then enters into a fight to the death with his long-lost were-dad (Jason Momoa) during a Halloween full moon.

Wolves (2014)

The look and feel of Wolves is of a graphic novel, and the make-up effects are pretty cool (reminded me of John Chambers’ work on 1977’s The Island of Dr Moreau). But despite favouring old-school sfx over CGI, the film does lack a knockout transformation scene like the kind that made An American Werewolf in London and The Howling such enduring classics in the werewolf genre.

Wolves (2014)

Watch out for Merritt Patterson’s were-girl makeover (she looks like Sandra Harrison in 1957’s Blood of Dracula) and a grizzled Stephen McHattie, who goes all MacGuyver over Connor’s baying pack.

The UK DVD release includes deleted scenes and a gag reel


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