Dance of the Dead (2008) | This geeky zomcom is a horror hoot

When the dead rise from their graves on prom night, it’s the dateless dorks who come to the rescue of the clueless popular kids. DANCE OF THE DEAD screens tonight on The Horror Channel at 9pm. Read all about it here.

Kultguy's Keep

Dance of the Dead

In the shadow of a power plant, the small town of Cosa is marinating in toxic effluent that is causing to the dead to stir in their graves. On the night of the high school prom, the geeky Sci-Fi club head out to the local cemetery with pizza boy Jimmy (Jared Kusnitz) for some ghost spotting, while backyard wrestler Kyle (Justin Welborn) finds himself finishing detention again. Meanwhile, cheerleader Gwen (Carissa Capobianco) is let down by punk rocker Nash (Blair Redford) who refuses to take her to the dance, and Lindsey (Greyson Chadwick), the Student Council Vice President, discovers her date Mitch (J. Jacob Adelman) is anything but the perfect.

When the undead explode out of their tombs (no lumbering here), it’s up to this band of uncool misfits, armed only with guts and guitars, to warn their…

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