Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014) | The hillbilly cannibal horror franchise is out for fresh blood, guts and gore!

Wrong Turn 6_posterBack in 2003, Stan Winston and Rob Schmidt’s slasher Wrong Turn looked like a Hills Have Eyes retread, but Joe Lynch’s WTF! fun sequel, Dead End, secured its franchise potential. 2009’s Left for Dead sort of left the fun out of the gory proceedings, but that was more than made up for in two OTT prequels: Bloody Beginnings (2011) and Bloodlines (2012). Next up is director Valeri Milev’s Last Resort, which is another prequel (of sorts).

This time round, a burnt-out New Yorker called Danny (Anthony Ilott) discovers he’s inherited not only his grandfather’s sprawling backwoods hotel, Hobb Springs Resort, but also some flesh-eating kin – including incestuous brother and sister Jackson (Chris Jarvis) and Sally (Sadie Katz) – who have designs on him continuing their inbred bloodline. Having brought along his caring girlfriend Toni (Aqueela Zoll) to check the place out, as well as a bunch of unlikable Manhattan pals, it’s not long before the killing spree begins and a hot tub party turns into a blood bath…

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For fans of the franchise, this sixth slice of slasher carnage might be a bit of a let-down as the thrill kills (of the unlikeable stereotypes – jock, nerd, bitch, fag, stoner, et all) using arrows, barbed wire, hatchet, tomahawk and saw are much reduced, apart from two eye-watering death scenes involving a hose pipe and a kinky sex chair, as director Milev takes a more psychological [read talky] approach to give Danny time to discover his dark heritage (and find out that hunting makes him horny), while the franchise’s cannibal killers, Three Finger, Saw Tooth and One Eye, are kept in the shadows until the film’s bloody climax. Unsurprisingly, the final scene gives ‘birth’ to a whole new chapter in the franchise.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Toni: ‘You eat people!’ Sally: ‘Don’t you judge me!’

There’s a legal reason why the Missing Persons bulletin board appears out of focus in the film. That’s because of an action suit brought against Fox Entertainment by the family of real-life missing person, Stacia Purcell, whose photo was used without consent, and which resulted in the original DVD pressings being withdrawn from sale. Today, those deleted copies are something of a collector’s item, with the UK DVD fetching around £50 on Amazon and EBay. If you look carefully, all the other photos used in the film, including ones of the cannibal family, have also been blurred out.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort screens in the UK on Sky Movies Premiere from Friday 22 May 2015


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