Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales (2014) | This macabre anthology for the digital age is a hit and miss affair

Tom Holland's Twisted Tales (2014)

Best known for the genre classics Child’s Play and Fright Night, director Tom Holland presents this macabre collection that updates some classic tales from the darkside tales for the digital age. Despite the cover, there are no possessed dolls or toys in any of the stories.

First up is Fred & his GPS, in which a mortgage broker (AJ Bowen) goes on guilt ‘trip’. Think Poe’s Tell Tale Heart but with an attractive Aussie GPS in place of a beating heart.

To Hell With You gives the old Faust legend a twist when a rejected New Jersey woman (Danielle Harris) tricks a demon (William Forsythe) into taking her to meet his boss after selling her soul to Old Nick. Smart, compact and with a nice sting in its tale.

Tom Holland's Twisted Tales (2014)

In Boom, a bomb disposal expert (played by former child star Noah Hathaway) traps a pal he thinks is sleeping with his girlfiend into keeping his finger on 10-pounds of explosives. While the premise is interesting, this one is let down by the rubbish music and obvious plot-holes.

In Mongo The Magnificent, nasty piece of work Mr Dynamite gets his just desserts when he tries to steal Ray Wise’s magic mirror, which reflects the best and worst in people. This one reminded me of Sid and Marty Krofft’s Lidsville. It’s even got some crappy glove puppet worm monsters. The guy playing Mr Dynamite should get a Razzie for his terrible delivery.

Tom Holland's Twisted Tales (2014)

In the Teen Wolf meets Blue Sunshine tale Bite, a new weed with the power to see into the future reveals a grisly fate for a group of bong puffing teens. While the special effects and the corporate video music are poor, I kind of liked this one.

Shockwave sees five professionals fighting over space in a panic room as LA is hit with an EMP explosion. This is the best of the lot and a real comment on modern society, particularly LA’s rich and powerful: the theme being no one is really your friend when it comes to saving your own skin.

Tom Holland's Twisted Tales (2014)

Cache has the clever conceit of driving someone to madness and suicide by constantly being in their digital face, but the killer idea is overshadowed by lots of shouting and swearing.

The two-part Pizza Guy finds a devil-worshipping woman calling up a demon, but getting the pizza guy instead. This one overstays its welcome after the first part.

Vampire Night makes no sense at all and is by far the weakest entry in the collection. It’s Dirty Dancing to a very tired old beat.

Twisted Tales is out on DVD and download in the UK from Bulldog Film Distribution


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