The Human Centipede [Final Sequence] | It’s so gross, even director Tom Six threw up at his own movie…

Human Centipede 3 [Final Sequence)

It’s what horror fans have been waiting for with bated breath – the final chapter to Tom Six’s notorious Human Centipede series. It’s a helluva sick treat and one giant fist up America’s ass…

‘Now their submission gives me a huge erection’
Swapping scalpels for a Stetson and jars of energy rich dried clitoris (don’t ask), Dieter Laser (aka Dr Leiter from the original) is Bill Boss, the crazed warden of a failing American prison who comes under the glare of a state Governor up for re-election (Eric Roberts, looking the spitting image of David Cronenberg). Threatened with dismissal, Bill Boss needs to turn things around within two weeks or else. Cue loyal bean counter Dwight (Laurence R Harvey) who comes up with the revolutionary cost-saving idea of conjoining the entire prison population. But who do you call when you want to create a 500-person long human centipede? Film maker Tom Six of course!

Human Centipede 3a

If you thought the first two Human Centipede films tested you taste palette, then this final sequence goes one step beyond gross and then some. It’s also a scream riot, with Dieter Laser giving what must be the most crazed performance ever witnessed on screen. His vile, sadistic Boss is the biggest bastard of all-time, a whisky-swilling, paranoid hypochondriac, who thinks torture and castration is the final solution to American prison reform. He’s the embodiment of everything that is wrong with America.

Liberals and the politically correct will be covering their ears every time Boss opens his mouth, while Republicans and UKIP supporters will be scribbling down every word to add to their manifestos. Laser gives everything he’s got to his repellent character, hitting truly hysterical heights in one scene in which he practically has an orgasm while spewing racist bile to an empty prison yard.

Human Centipede 3b

Playing Elmer Fudd to Laser’s Duffy Duck on meth, Laurence R Harvey shows great comic skills, and it’s his malignant midget who convinces Boss to make Six’s ‘100% medically accurate’ scheme a reality. While Six won’t get any awards for his acting ability, kudos goes to him for sending himself up. He even throws up at the grossness of his own movie, which include some eye-watering moments involving castration, ‘I want them medium rare for my lunch’; rape (in the kidneys and with a brutally beaten comatosed Bree Olson); and water-boarding with boiling water (on a prisoner whom Boss refers to as Red Skin – get it?).

Newbies to cinema’s sickest franchise will stay away in droves, but for those who have stuck it this far, they will be rewarded with a viciously gross satire that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) is released by Monster Pictures in the UK, in selected cinemas 10 July, and on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on 13 July 2015.


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