Thunderbirds Are GO! (1966) & Thunderbird 6 (1968) | Gerry Anderson’s big-screen adventures debut on Blu-ray

Thunderbirds Are GO! Blu-ray

When making his cult TV show, Thunderbirds back in the 1960s, Gerry Anderson approached each hour-long episode as a mini-movie so it was only natural that the Supermarionation series would end up making the jump to the big screen – with Thunderbirds Are GO! (1966) and Thunderbird 6 (1968). Now, those spin-off films are out on Blu-ray in the UK for the first time from Fabulous Films. With the CGI ITV reboot currently airing, these releases are a timely reminder of the creative genius of Anderson and his dedicated teams of puppeteers, special effects crew and voice artists.

Thunderbirds Are GO! is a bigger, bolder version of the TV show, and the better of the two big-screen spin-offs. When the Zero-X mission to Mars is sabotaged, International Rescue jet into outer space to oversee the second launch. While the film gets a little bogged down with the mechanics of the launch operations (but a great showcase for the excellent special effects), Alan’s Swinging Star dream sequence featuring Cliff Richard and The Shadows is truly FAB – as are the colourful retro clothes and furniture (there’s even a Barcelona chair inspired lounge on show), and the cool Hydra-like fire-breathing aliens.

Thunderbird 6 may not hit the colourful highs of the first movie, but it’s still superior to Jonathan Frakes’ 2004 live-action remake. This 1968 actioner sees the futuristic Skyship One, designed by Brains, fall into the hands of the dreaded Hood during its maiden flight, prompting Alan to dust off his battered Tiger Moth plane to save the day.

Voicing the imposter Captain Foster is John Carson (channelling James Mason), who is best known for his Hammer horror roles in Plague of the Zombies and Taste the Blood of Dracula. Unfortunately, it was due to this film’s mediocre box-office results that Gerry Anderson quit the franchise to move onto his next TV project, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Both Blu-ray releases come with a bounty of extra features including Gerry Anderson’s Countdown to Thunderbirds, and all-new 2015 production interview and facts, plus behind-the-scenes featurettes, galleries and trailers.


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