Mean Streets (1973) | Martin Scorsese’s gripping slice-of-Mafia-life drama gets a first-time UK Blu-ray release

Mean Street Blu-ray

One of the best American films of the decade’
Time Out

An acclaimed classic for a long time but what doesn’t get said too often is how wonderfully funny it is… The movie’s blazing energy is still astounding’
The Guardian

‘It really was accurate, that was my life’
Martin Scorsese

Mean Street (1973)

New York’s Little Italy district has never looked seedier than in this incredibly raw and gripping slice-of-Mafia-life drama in which Robert De Niro and Harvel Keitel play Johnny Boy and Charlie, Italian-American cousins, small time criminals hustling, fighting and carousing, doing whatever it takes to survive…

Shot on a shoestring budget with two weeks’ rehearsal and six days on location in New York (the rest took place in LA to cut costs), Mean Streets has been hailed as the granddaddy of the modern crime cinema and one of director Martin Scorsese’s most personal and powerful films that thrillingly showed off the director’s bold style that ardent fans have relished ever since.

Mean Streets (1973)

While Keitel is a revelation as the hellfire-and-damnation-obsessed Charlie, special kudos go to De Niro in the complex role of the mercurial loner constantly in debt to a sleazeball loan-shark (Richard Romanus). The film also boasts a rocking score that is used to great effect (the slow-motion scene in the bar set to the strains of Jumpin’ Jack Flash is a standout). Look out for the director in a cameo (as Shorty, the killer in a car).

Mean Streets is out now on DVD and Blu-ray (for the first ever time in the UK), from Icon Home Entertainment, and features an audio commentary with director Martin Scorsese, actress Amy Robinson and co-writer Mardik Martin, trailer and vintage featurette.

Watch Scorsese talking about the making of the crime classic, here:

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