Tales of Halloween (2015) | This mixed bag of trick or treats is a ghoulish surprise

Tales of Halloween (2015)Demons, monsters, ghouls, creepy kids and serial killers come a calling in the US horror anthology Tales of Halloween, which gets a UK download release today.

A Beetlejuice-sounding main title theme from the legendary Lalo Schifrin and a smoky-voiced Adrienne Barbeau reprising (sort of) her late-night DJ from John Carpenter’s The Fog provide a wicked introduction to this mixed bag of ghoulish treats concocted by a host of new kids on the horror block including Darren Lynn Bousman (The Night Billy Raised Hell), Axelle Carolyn (Grimm Grinning Ghost), Adam Gierasch (Trick), Andrew Kasch (This Means War), Neil Marshall (Bad Seed), Lucky McKee (Ding Dong), Mike Mendez (Friday the 31st), Dave Parker (Sweet Tooth), Ryan Schifrin (The Ransom of Rusty Rex), John Skipp (This Means War), and Paul Solet (The Weak and the Wicked).

Now, for me, the secret of a good horror anthology tale is one that stays with you long after the credits roll – who can forget … And All Through the House or Mannikins of Horror from 1972’s from Tales from the Crypt and Asylum, or The Vault of Horror’s domestic nightmare tale The Neat Job?

Tales of Halloween_1

Well, there’s a handful here to give you a sleepless night, namely the perversely comic The Night Billy Raised Hell, in which a demon and his minion frame an innocent kid for some deadly pranks; the Funny Man-styled The Ransom of Rusty Rex, where two would-be kidnappers get burdened with a hungry imp; and the EC Comics-inspired chocolate-coated babysitter gets slaughtered tale Sweet Tooth.

Genre fans will have fun seeing the likes of John Landis, Joe Dante and Stuart Gordon making cameos, while there are a few cool creature designs that would look great as collectable models – especially the one that goes on the rampage in the closing segment… Attack of the Killer Pumpkins, anyone?

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