V/H/S Viral (2014) | The US horror anthology trilogy goes out not with a bang but a whimper

VHS VIRALEver had one of those drunken nights out where you can’t quite remember what happened but you know that some batshit things happened because you keep on having some memory flashes that cause you to wince? Well that’s how I felt after watching the third and final entry in the V/H/S franchise, Viral.

Now its cleverly edited, using CCTV, helmet cams and smart phones to weave three increasingly disturbing tales involving a man-eating magician’s cloak, sex monsters from another dimension, and stoner skateboarders battling satanic skeletons around a high-speed chase story involving a fame-obsessed guy trying to capture the footage on his phone.

But the whole thing left me cold, mainly because there’s not one sympathetic character to root for. It also goes at such breakneck speed that all I can recall is the gruesome sight of some dude’s naked feet getting ripped apart while being dragged by an ice-cream truck, a monsterous alien cock that looks like a glove puppet, and some Blind Dead cloaked cultists getting dispatched in what looks like a live-action video game. There’s also some random shots of people with black ooze dripping from their nose to suggest some malady is occurring to anyone watching these viral videos, but it’s not made clear why or how; which makes the final scene total nonsense…

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V/H/S Viral is released on DVD in the UK on 19 October from Koch Media


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Peter Fuller is an award-winning print, radio and television journalist and producer, with over 30 years experience covering film and television, with a special interest in world cinema and popular culture. He is a leading expert on the life and career of Vincent Price and actively promotes the actor's legacy through publications, websites and special events.

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