Alfred Hitchcock Presents | This big box-set brings murder back into the home – where it belongs

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Alfred Hitchcock PresentsGood Evening…’ And so began Alfred Hitchcock’s famous introduction to his classic US anthology series, which originally ran between 1955 to 1965, and featured stories of horror, mystery and intrigue which ‘brought murder back into the home – where it belongs’, and now gets a UK release in one big fat box-set.

While Hitchcock ended up helming only 17 of the 268 episodes,a host of directors got the chance to shine over the seven seasons, including Arthur Hiller, John Brahm, Robert Altman, William Friedkin and Ida Lupino.

The show earned a Golden Globe in 1958, while Hitchcock got Emmy nominated for The Case of Mr Pelham and Lamb to the Slaughter. But it was Robert Stevens who the gong for The Glass Eye.

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Perhaps the most famous entry was director Norman Lloyd’s 1960 Roald Dahl story Man from the South starring Peter Lorre and Steve McQueen, in which a man bets his finger that he can start his lighter 10 times in a row. But there’s also that the infamous 1962 episode The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, based on a story by Psycho writer Robert Bloch, which was pulled from the schedules for its gruesome display of the classic magician’s assistance being sawed in half trick.

Alfred Hitchcock PresentsFor me, the best thing about this classic series isn’t the quality of the stories or their classic execution, but the fantastic guest stars – its a real Hollywood who’s who on the small screen.

Season One features the likes of Joanne Woodwood and Vera Viles, while future Cocoon stars Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn would become regulars from season two. Season three showcases Vincent Price and King Kong’s Fay Wray, while TV Bewitched stars Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York share the fourth season with the likes of Steve McQueen, Bette Davis and Roger Moore. William Shatner (who was also a bit of a regular), Walter Matthau and Burt Reynolds headline season five, while the sixth series sees guest turns from Leslie Neilsen and Peter Falk, as well several by Claude Rains. The anthology series bows out in style with the likes of Robert Redford, Charles Bronson, Robert Duvall and even Lost in Space’s Billy Mumy.

Alfred Hitchcock PresentsSo who’s up for a mystery?

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Seasons 1-7: The Complete Collection is out on DVD in a 35-disc box-set from Fabulous Films and Fremantle Media Enterprises from Monday 2 November 2015.



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