Unsung Horrors | From the makers of 70s Monster Memories comes another ‘giant’ must-read for Monster Kids


From the team behind last year’s sell-out tome 70s Monster Memories, Unsung Horrors is the latest film book for genre fans that’s being snapped by collectors as I write. Covering more than 200 (see the full list below) neglected, unappreciated or forgotten horror and fantasy films from the silents to the 1970s, this labour of love has been written by fans for fans, and is designed with a fantastic nostalgic nod over 448 pages packed with stills, posters and lobby cards. And to top it all, it comes with the blessing of Gremlins director Joe Dante.

Now, having contributed three articles to the book myself (The House That Screamed, The Last Man on Earth and Scream and Scream Again), I might be a little biased in saying that this is a MUST-HAVE in your cult film library. But don’t just take it for me, here’s what others have been saying… and once you have read these, you’ll find a handy link to purchase your copy while stocks last. And according to the book’s editor, Eric McNaughton, a second volume is currently being put together. Joy, oh joy!

Unsung Horrors

‘This lavish new oversized softcover from the publishers of the British magazine We Belong Dead…. starts with Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye and goes on from there. Foreword by Joe Dante, no less, and the delightful cover art by Paul Garner makes the package literally irresistible.’ Tim Lucas, Video Watchdog

‘Simply put, if I were able to create something as worthy as Unsung Horrors I could die a happy man, secure in the knowledge that I introduced fans new and old to a wealth of gems they may never have otherwise encountered. Unsung Horrors cleared away decades of cobwebs and made me feel the same as I did way back in 1973 when I was eight years old and first saw A Pictorial History of Horror Movies.’ Ginger Nuts of Horror

Unsung Horrors‘The writers of these essays offer something that can’t be bottled or replicated through research (though there’s plenty of that as well): the collected knowledge of growing up watching genre movies. That horror fans should treat themselves to a copy of Unsung goes without saying. The best writers don’t require you to come in with a pre-existing love for a subject but, through their writing, spark an interest you never knew you had. That’s Unsung Horrors.’ That’s Not Current

Unsung Horrors‘In addition to well-researched retrospectives of films lurking in the darkest annals of horror history, there is an introduction from a man who needs no introduction – Joe Dante. The book is a follow-up to their Rondo-nominated best-seller 70s Monster Memories, which is now almost impossible to purchase as every copy sold out. Unsung Horrors will only be available for a limited time as well, so if you’re interested in the history of our beloved genre’s overlooked gems, it’s an essential pick-up.’ Dread Central

‘Those of you who were lucky enough to snap up a copy …. Monster Memories will know what to expect here – pages and pages and pages of lurid loveliness, packed with amazing pictures and informative text filled with friendly enthusiasm for our favourite subject…..this is easily the film book of the year.’ The Dark Side

unsung-horrors-book-page-8-1-300x424‘Unsung doesn’t necessarily mean unknown, so aficionados will probably recognize many of these titles from browsing video store shelves, devouring specialty genre magazines, or stumbling upon a trailer within the depths of YouTube. The question to ask is: how many have you actually seen? Drawing from my own experience, more than a few are the types of films I’ve sworn I’ve watched only to realize that I merely read a synopsis on the back of a VHS cover without having rented the damn thing. There are, of course, a myriad of reasons these titles never got a fair shake: lack of audience interest upon release; maligned by critics; considered a minor work in a filmmaker’s oeuvre; shoved into a chasm of distribution hell; or simply didn’t fit the mold of their respective eras and vanished from consciousness. The purpose of Unsung Horrors is to acquaint readers with these titles that have been buried in some manner by time and neglect, unearthed here by fellow discerning devotees. While most of the films are not masterpieces by any stretch, they are worthy of rediscovery, at least in the hearts of the contributors who are moved to convince you of their value. Many are, in fact, masterpieces, and there are good arguments presented here in defense of their reputations. The point is, even among horror fans, these films are rarely discussed, and this book is a wonderful way to provoke reappraisal‘. Chris Hallock, Diabolique Magazine (READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE)

ORDER HERE: http://unsunghorrors.co.uk/

Seven Dead In The Cat’s Eye
Goke – Body Snatcher From Hell
The Asphyx
And Soon The Darkness
Baron Blood
Levres de Sang
Lake of Dracula
The Black Cat
All The Colours Of The Dark
Galtiki – The Immortal Monster
The Lodger
The 7th Victim
Blood and Roses
The Monkey’s Paw
The Lost Continent
Doctor X
Death Line
The Black Panther
The Crazies
Curse Of The Faceless Man
Chosen Survivors
The Face at the Window
Murders In The Zoo
The Long Hair Of Death
The Deathmaster
The Living Skeleton
Behemoth The Sea Monster
Dark Places
The Green Slime
The Projected Man
The Clairvoyant
Sugar Hill
Diary Of A Madman
The Golem
Nightmare Castle
The Castle Of The Fly
Damned In Venice
The Face Of Fu Manchu
Werewolf Shadow
House Of Mystery
Frankenstein 1970
The Frozen Dead
The Ghost Of Frankenstein
Seven Footprints To Satan
Devil Doll
Dracula Pere Et Fils
Les Raisins De La Mort
The Haunted House Of Horror
Crypt Of The Living Dead
Il Demonio
Shock Waves
Four Flies On Grey Velvet
The House That Screamed
The Sphinx
Jack The Ripper
Curse Of The Devil
The Manster
Black Zoo
IT! The Terror From Beyond Space
In Search Of Dracula
Le Golem
Kill Baby Kill
The Return Of Dracula
Children Of The Damned
Lady Frankenstein
The Beast With Five Fingers
A Study In Terror
Jaws 2
Legend Of The Werewolf
Doctor Blood’s Coffin
The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue
Day Of The Animals
The Pack
Dark Intruder
The Shuttered Room
Lorna The Exorcist
Castle Of The Walking Dead
Man Made Monster
The Black Scorpion
The Werewolf
Castle Of The Living Dead
Mother Rilley Meets The Vampire
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Vampire Bat
The Dark Eyes Of London
Mystery Of The Mary Celeste
Night Of The Seagulls
Atom Age Vampire
Race With The Devil
Cry Of The Werewolf
Werewolf Of London
The Unknown
The Perfume Of The Lady In Black
An Angel For Satan
The Devil Bat
The Black Belly Of The Tarantula
The Bat Whispers
Red Queen Kills 7 Times
Kingdom Of The Spiders
Revenge Of The Blood Beast
The Secret Of Dorian Gray
Horror Rises From The Tomb
The Loreley’s Grasp
The Snake Girl And The Silver-Haired Witch
Nothing But The Night
The Strange Door
The Virgin Of Nuremberg
The Legend Of Blood Castle
Devils Of Darkness
Murders In The Rue Morgue
The House With Laughing Windows
Who Can Kill A Child
The Alligator People
The Comeback
Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb
The Mask Of Fu Manchu
The House In Nightmare Park
Lizard In A Woman’s Skin
The Psychopath
Terror Creatures From The Grave
Pharaoh’s Curse
The Last Man On Earth
The Devil Commands
The Legend Of Hell House
Castle Sinister
Scream And Scream Again
Twice Told Tales
The Undying Monster
Lady Morgan’s Vengance
The Student Of Prague
The Horrible Dr. Hichcock
Mill Of The Stone Women
Werewolf In A Girls’ Dormitory
The Fall Of The House Of Usher
Dr Pyckle And Mr Pryde
Le Testament Du Docteur Cordelier
The Dunwich Horror
Son Of Kong
The Queen Of Spades
The Hands Of Orlac
Tower Of Evil
Bloodstained Butterfly
Three Cases Of Murder
Murders In The Rue Morgue
The Cremator
What Have You Done To Solange
The Most Dangerous Game
Nightmare In Wax
Where Has Poor Mickey Gone..?
The Face Behind The Mask
The Naked Prey
Phantom Of The Paradise
The Devil’s Nightmare
Scream Blacula Scream
The Mummy’s Hand
El Baron Del Terror
The Curse Of The Living Corpse
The Incredible Melting Man
And Now The Screaming Starts
Damien Omen II
The Naked Jungle
House Of Horrors
The Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake
The Man From Nowhere
Tombs Of The Blind Dead
Fahrmann Maria
Tower Of London
The Return Of The Vampire
Lonely Water



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