A Boy and His Dog (1975) | LQ Jones’ post-apocalyptic sci-fi on Blu-ray

From 101 Films comes the Blu-ray release of director LQ Jones’ 1975 American black comedy sci-fi, A Boy and His Dog, based on Harlan Ellison’s 1969 novella.

Following World War IV, which lasted five days in the year 2024, the earth is ravaged, and survivors struggle to find food, shelter, and companionship. One of them is amoral 18-year-old Vic (Don Johnson), who wanders the post-atomic wasteland with his sardonic, telepathic dog, Blood, who helps find women for Vic to rape in exchange for food.

When they encounter the suspiciously seductive Quilla June (Susanne Benton), Vic is lured into an underground city, Topeka – a bizarre caricature of pre-nuclear war America – ruled over by Quilla June’s father, Lou Craddock (Jason Robards).

As Blood keeps vigil on the surface, Vic soon learns his fate below – to fertilise the city’s female population and be terminated after his 35th impregnation.

Now, if the storyline sounds bizarre – then you are absolutely correct. This oddball sci-fi wasn’t a huge hit on its release but has become some of a cult film since its release in 1975, much like some other dystopian sci-fi’s of the era including Soylent Green, The Omega Man, Silent Running and Logan’s Run – only with the profanities and sexual references dialled up to the max.

However, watching it now in these ‘woke’ times may raise a few red flags – especially over the chauvinistic portrayal of women as objects of abuse and baby machines. But then, that could be what director LQ Jones was trying to address in the sci-fi satire.

The 101 Films Blu-ray release has a super audio commentary which really helps viewers understand the complexity of the film’s production and the filmmakers’ objectives. Actor, director, writer Jones, who left us in July 2022, aged 94, also penned and starred in the equally quirky 1971 TV horror, The Brotherhood of Satan.

• Newly restored High-Definition Transfer
• In Conversation: Harlan Ellison and LQ Jones
• Commentary by LQ Jones, cinematography John Arthur Morrill and actor Charles Champlin
• English subtitles

Check out the original – very weird – trailer


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