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Brit indie comedy Sasquatch gets its London premiere screening this weekend

Sasquatch (2016)

Sasquatch is a new comedy adventure from Brit indie outfit Lukewarm Films, and it gets a London premiere screening this coming Saturday at the iconic Prince Charles Cinema at 8.30pm.

This coming-of-age comedy set in the Lake District finds buddies Will (Dominic Crisp) and Harvey (Bernie Paget), who trick a small town into believing that Bigfoot is real. Armed with nothing but their determination and a cheap costume the two set off to scare the locals. Unbeknownst to them their plan works too well and the town employs a hunter to take down the roving beast…

Co-starring Abigail Hardingham (Nina Forever) and John Murtagh (Braveheart, Rob Roy), Sasquatch is directed, produced and co-written by Rob Luke, and co-written and produced by Bernie Paget, and produced by Maxwell Boulton.

Tickets are £20 (£15.99 for Under 25s) and can be purchased following this link:


Dear God No! (2011) | This is biker-horror-sexploitation heaven

Dear God No!

Following a bloody fallout with their mob boss dad, two biker brothers and their sadistic Impalers gang invade the secluded cabin of a crazy scientist and his glum daughter. But they soon regret it when they unwittingly become guinea pigs in the scientist’s latest genetic experiment, while a sasquatch starts picking them off…

Dear God No!
A huge fan of 1960s and 1970s drive-in exploitation movies, director James Bickert hits the jackpot in recapturing the sleazy vibe of those films with Dear God No!, a breast-tastic, ultra-violent trip that fuses John Waters-style humour with Roger Corman’s biker classic The Wild Angels, the trippy satanic film I Drink Your Blood and the 1970s faux documentary The Legend of Boggy Creek to create a grindhouse homage to die-for. Shot on super 16mm, Dear God No! is a drive-in lovers’ wet-dream. Just forget the lame acting and bad synching and enjoy the ride.

Dear God No!

In 2012, a two-disc Impaler edition was released by Monster Pictures which included the Grindhouse Cut of the feature (with 1.32sec cut by the BBFC), collector’s booklet, audio commentaries, trailers, gag reel, two parodies and an animated short. In the US, Big World Pictures released a R1 DVD featuring the film uncut and unrated.

Dear God No! also screens today (Sunday 3 April) on The Horror Channel at 11.40pm

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