Who is Kultguy?

Peter Fuller at Oakley CourtWelcome! I’m Peter Fuller (aka Kultguy), and curator of the Vincent Price Legacy UK (check out the Facebook Group, my Rondo Award winning blog My First Trip Abroad, The Sound of Vincent Price website and the official Vincent Price YouTube channel). I have a passion for films and TV shows that have a certain kink to them – be they exploitation, horror, thriller, suspense, comedy and, yes, even westerns (El Topo is still the greatest). The more avant-garde, bizarre or plain wacky the better. So I track them down, watch them, review them and then share my thoughts with like-minded film fiends. That’s you lot!

  1. Hi, My name is Nic Rigby, I write for BBC News Online. I’d be interested in interviewing you about the film Witchfinder General and wondered if you drop me a line with a contact number or give me a bell on 01603 284 372. Thank you for your time.
    All the best, nic

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